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◆ Consulation and Analysis
     Huasheng designs and produces complete biomass pellet and briquette plant, offers solutions for the global renewable
     energy sector. Its business is based on meeting the requirements of forestry groups, energy companies, wood industries,
     and industrial as well as financial investors in biofuel pellet and briquette plants.

◆ Professional Technical Suggestions
     In order to provide clients with the most suitable solution about biomass biofuel production, our technicians are ready to
     support all their needs. Our rich knowledge and experience in the biomass industry guarantee the technical suggestions 
     clients get are economical, efficient and eco-friendly.

◆ Special Analysis
     Whether you intend to expand or solve the trouble of your biomass pelletizing and briquetting plant, Huasheng will analyse
     your current situation and provide you with the best solutions timely. Huasheng offers a full range of process machinery and
     spare parts, as single unit or complete plant, from intake of raw materials to packaging of ready-made biofuel pellets and

◆ Value Added
        We always work on a comprehensive proposal to save client’s cost, time and energy for their biomass production.
    ◇ Economical
        Our proposal will make full use of your current equipment and matching equipment to optimize your resource.
    ◇ Reliable
        Our equipment accords with high standard of biomass industry for you to use without any concerns. 
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