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◆ Huasheng Packing Standard:
    ◇ Adopt fumigated-free wooden cases for packing. Use the pine wood or similar material, wood thickness, inside framework material
        adoption and structure are designed as per equipment characters and weight, to ensure the strength of wooden case and loading
        and unloading safety. Use the waterproof cloth or roofing felt inside the wooden cases. And provide iron frame protection for those
        cases if necessary.

    ◇ Adopt the pallet combination package for the small and medium size cased package.  
    ◇ For the complete plant and large equipment, in order to guarantee the safety during trucking and shipping periods, we adopt nude
        packing and directly load them into containers by our skilled workers in our factory. Before we load the containers, we will make a
        loading plan and send them to clients for confirmation. These dismantled parts and spare parts will be packed in cases individually.
        For those parts which are not available dismantled, we adopt rain-proof, moisture-proof, rust-proof protection and use bolted connection
        way to fix them in containers, etc.

    ◇ For large dimension of Rotary Drum Dryer, the rotary drum is not available to be put in containers, it needs to use bulk cargo shipment.
        We adopt rain-proof, moisture-proof, rust-proof protection and fix the drum on some bases.

◆ Protection Packing Requirement:
    ◇ Protection category: Rain-proof, moisture proof, rust proof, shake proof, guard against theft, and partial protections. Equipment which
        need rain-proof, moisture-proof or rust-proof are not allowed for to be packed in bundle, framework and nude packing.
    ◇ For parts packed in nude, bundle, and framework, must spray the rust proof paint and adopt suitable protection measure on the flange,
        bolt and naked surface and package frame.
    ◇ Follow the heavy and light cargoes arrangement principle in packing process. Use the rubber plate, industrial felt and foamed plastic as
        the buffer and cushion material as per precision of components and parts. Or use the small size wooden box in individual package.
        Rubber should be separated with the oil components, and nylon insulation parts should be separated with the metal parts or lay on the
        top of metal parts.
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