Wood Blocks Hammer Mill


 Available Materials : wood blocks
 Model : HS-HM37, HS-HM55, HS-HM90, HS-PM132
 Main Power : 55kw, 90kw, 132kw
 Capacity : 2.5-8 tons/hour
 Application : Small to large-scale chipping production.


  • Introduction
  • Advantage
  • Technical Data
  • ◆ Huasheng Wood Blocks Hammer Mill is used to shred or crush wood blocks into particle size by the repeated blows of hammers.
        This Wood Blocks Hammer Mill also can be used to process fiber materials, high moisture and oil content of materials, etc. It is an
        ideal equipment to match with Drum Chipper in a wood pellet line.
    ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Wood Blocks Hammer Mill is from 2.5-8.8 tons/hour, depending on the type of machine and raw material.
    ◆ Working Principle
        This series of Hammer Mill adopts steel plate welded structure. The motor and rotor of Hammer Mill are mounted on the same base.
        Adopt pin coupling direct-drive. The rotor goes through dynamic balance inspection and it can reverse work. The operation door has
        safety interlock. The feed inlet is at the top of Hammer Mill. It can be compatible with various kinds of feeding equipment. The hammers
        are arranged symmetrically.
        The hammers are free to swing on the ends of the cross, or fixed to the central rotor. The rotor is spun at a high speed inside the drum
        while material is fed into a feed hopper. The material is impacted by the hammer bars and is thereby shredded and expelled through
        screens in the drum of a selected size. Normally, we assemble 8mm or 10mm size of screen with our Hammer Mills.
  • ◆ CE approved by SGS.
    ◆ Adopt high-strength steel for hammers.
    ◆ Adopt blade-shape of hammers.
    ◆ Adopt SKF bearing.
    ◆ Adopt different size and material of screens for different uses.
    ◆ Reasonable structure, reliable performance, rapid disassembly and assembly, easy operation and maintenance,
        large capacity, low power consumption.

    ◆ Assemble wearable plate.
    ◆ Soft-start system and overload protection in electrical cabinet.
  •  Model  Main Power (kw)  Capacity (t/h)  Power of Air-blower (kw)  Dia. Cyclone (mm)  Air-lock (L)
     HS-HM55  55  2.5-3.5  18.5  1200  30
     HS-HM90  90  6  22  Dual 800  50
     HS-HM132  132  8.8  30  Dual 800  80

    ◆ When the moisture of raw material is less than 14%(dry material), the Hammer Mill can achieve the above indicated capacity.
    ◆ The final capacity of this Wood Blocks Hammer Mill mainly depends on the features(species, size, moisture) of raw materials,
        operation, maintenance, etc.