Shearing Milling Machine


◆ Available Materials : palm fiber, grass and straw, etc.

◆ Model : HS-FS60, HS-FS80

◆ Main Power : 30kw, 45kw

◆ Capacity : 0.8-1.5 tons/hour

◆ Application : Small to medium-scale shredding production.


  • Introduction
  • Advantage
  • Technical Data
  • ◆ Huasheng Combined Shearing Milling Machine is used to shred different kinds of palm fiber, grass and straw materials into particle size.
        It adopts special combined shearing milling structure and design which are different from traditional Hammer Mill. It is widely used in straw
        and grass pelletizing production.
    ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Combined Shearing Milling Machine is from 0.8-1.5 tons/hour, depending on the type of machine and raw material.

    ◆ Working Principle
        A Feeding Belt Conveyor transport straw materials into the shearing room. Under the influence of shearing force(fixed blade and movable
        blade), the straw are shredded into piece size. Then transport them to the milling room, the pieces of straw are milled by repeated blows of
        hammers. Finally, they are sucked by a air-blower and discharge through a cyclone and air-lock.
  • ◆ Adopt combined shearing milling structure design.
    ◆ Reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy installation, operation and maintenance,
        large capacity, low power consumption.
    ◆ Durable blades, hammers and screen.
    ◆ Soft-start system and overload protection in electrical cabinet.
  •  Model  Power (kw)  Capacity (ton/hour)  Size of Finished Products (mm)  Dimension (mm)
     HS-FS60  30+1.1+1.1  0.8-1.2  2-3  3575*1470*1275
     HS-FS80  45+1.1+1.1  1.2-1.5  2-3  3790*1793*1325