Drum Chipper


◆ Available Materials : wood tree logs, trunks, limbs, slabs, blocks, etc. 
◆ Model : HS-BX213, HS-BX216, HS-BX218, HS-BX2110, HS-BX2113
◆ Main Power : 30kw, 55kw, 110kw, 220kw, 315kw
◆ Capacity : 3-108 m³/h
◆ Application : Small to large-scale chipping production.

  • Introduction
  • Advantage
  • Technical Data
  • ◆ Huasheng Drum Chipper is a machine used for reducing wood into smaller woodchips. They can chip diverse sizes and kinds of
           materials, including wood tree logs, trunks, limbs, slabs, blocks, etc. The finished chips are ideal materials to make biofuel pellets.
           Generally, Drum Chipper is used to match with Hammer Mill in a complete line.

    ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Drum Chipper is from 3-108 m³/h,depending on the type of machine and raw material.
    ◆ Working Principle
           A tree log is inserted into the hopper and started into the chipping mechanism. There are grooved rollers equipped in the throat of their feed
           funnels. Once a tree log has been gripped by the rollers, the rollers transport the tree log to the chipping blades at a steady rate. These
           rollers are a safety feature and are generally reversible for situations where they gets caught on clothing.  Finally, the tree log is shredded
           into smaller chips.

  • ◆ CE approved by SGS.

    ◆ Our machine base is welded by 25-30mm thickness of manganese steel plate. The intensity and stability is much better than
         machine base produced by 12-20mm thickness steel.

    ◆ Our knife-roller assembly use special welding and processing technology, make balance check.

    ◆ Our feeding-roller use integral nodular cast part or split nodular cast part. The stability is much better than welded feeding-roller.

    ◆ Our feeding-roller use K-series spiral bevel gear reducer or FA-series parallel shaft gear reducer. The transmission torque ability
         is 40% higher than cycloidal pin wheel reducer. The price of our reducer is 3-4 times of cycloidal pin wheel reducer which other
         manufacturer use.

    ◆ Our conveyor is made by 4mm steel plate and channel steel welding and our roller use casting parts or seamless steel tube.

    ◆ About bearings, we mainly use NSK,SKF or joint venture brand.

    ◆ Our hydraulic system use standard hydraulic pump station or electric oil pump. The structure and design is reasonable and orderly.

  •  Model  Drive Power (kw)  Rotor Diameter    (mm)  Capacity (m³/h)  Feed Opening (mm)  Max. Feeding Diameter(mm)
     HS-BX213  30  300  3-5  120*300  90
     HS-BX216  55  650  8-10  180*500  120
     HS-BX218  110  800  15-20   225*680  160
     HS-BX2110  220   1000  70-75  330*1050  210
     HS-BX2113  315  1300  100-108  400*1050  230

    ◆ The above capacity comes from wood chipping production.
    ◆ The final capacity of Drum Chipper depends on the features of raw materials, operation and maintenance,etc.