Double-shaft Rollers Shredder


◆  Available Materials : wood slabs, straw and grass bale, plastic, tires, garbage, etc.
  Model : HS-YSS40*60, HS-YSS60*100, HS-YSS100*100
  Main Power : 7.5kw, 22kw, 37kw
  Capacity : 2-20 tons/hour
  Application : Small to large-scale shredding production.

  • Introduction
  • Advantage
  • Technical Data
  • ◆ Huasheng Double-shaft Rollers Shredder is used to process rectangular shape of wood slabs, straw and grass bale, plastic,
        tires, garbage, etc. It adopts mutually staggered and occlusal layout design. When feeding materials, they will be cut by both
        horizontal and vertical directions. It is an ideal equipment to crush thick and hard materials.
    ◆ The capacity of Double-shaft Rollers Shredder is from 2-20 tons/hour, depending on the type of machine and raw material.
  • ◆ CE approved by SGS.
    ◆ Adopt special alloyed steel blades.
    ◆ Reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy installation, operation and maintenance,
        large capacity, low power consumption.
    ◆ Adopts a combination structure of thick steel plate welded to ensure the overall strength of equipment. 
    ◆ Adopt wide-angle hexagonal columns of strong rotating main shaft. The main shaft and blade are assembled
        and driven by hexagonal way, ensure the strength of rotation.
    ◆ The blades are made by special alloyed steel, durable, sharp, high cutting performance, efficiently crushing.
    ◆ Operation with low speed and large torque, low noise, few dust, handling a wide range of materials.
  • Model HS-YSS40*60 HS-YSS60*100 HS-YSS100*100
    Power (kw) 7.5 37 22/37
    Capacity (t/h) 2-3 6-10 10-20
    Size of Crushing Chamber (mm) 400*600 600*1000 1000*1000
    Diameter of Blade (mm) 210 308 468
    Number of Blade (pcs) 35 33 17
    Rotation Speed of Roller (rpm) 48-57 20-27 9-18
    Dimension (mm) 1600*580*440 3260*1180*1710 4355*2100*2810

    ◆ The real capacity of this Double-shaft Rollers Shredder depends on the features(species, size, moisture) of raw materials,
        operation, maintenance, etc.