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◆ Available Materials : wood pellets and other biomass pellets
◆ Model : HS-C1.5, HS-C3, HS-C4, HS-C6, HS-C8
◆ Main Power : 0.75kw, 1.1kw, 1.5kw
◆ Capacity : 1-16 tons/hour
◆ Application : Small to large-scale pellet production.

  • Introduction
  • Advantage
  • Technical Data
  • ◆ Huasheng Pellets Cooler is used to cool down the hot pellets just produced by pellet press. It is a type of counter-flower
        cooling machine with high efficiency and automatic control. It adopts the counter-flow cooling principle, take away most of
        the humidity on the surface of pellet. And it can cool down the pellets to not higher than room temperature 3-5℃. After cooling
        process, the pellets become harder and more stable for storage, packing and transportation.The Pellets Cooler is a necessary
        for an medium&large capacity of wood pellet plant.
    ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Pellets Cooler is from 1-16 tons/hour, depending on the type of machine and raw material.
    ◆ Working Principle:
        Huasheng Pellets Cooler mainly consists of cooling chamber, feeder, discharging system, vibrating screen, cyclone, air-blower,
        air-lock, etc. While the  cooler starts to work, the high temperature pellets enter into the storage bin and distribute evenly in the
        cooling chamber. The cold air passes through the hot pellets vertically from the bottom to the top of cooler.(which is opposite to
        the direction of pellets entering.)
        The cold air contacts with the pellets and gradually takes away more heat and humidity on them. The air-blower takes the hot air
        and dust out of the cooling chamber.
        After finish the cooling process, the discharge system will work and drop cool pellets. The pellets dropping from the discharge
        device should be shaked by vibrating screen to get dust and unqualified pellets away, and the qualified pellets can be directly
        packed and weighed.
    ◆ Features: 
         ◇ Low energy consumption. In the counter-flow cooler, the cool air passes through material layer in vertical direction from the
             bottom. The newly absorbed air firstly touches cold pellet at the bottom and then hot pellet on the top through material pole.
             In the end, the temperature of the air coolant discharged almost equals its temperature at the feed opening, that is to say, the
             air can carry out the most heat quantity. It needs a small amount of air coolant, so the blower fan with less power can be use. 
         ◇ Uniform cooling. Because the air coolant enters from the bottom of the whole cooler, rises through material layers slowly and
             evenly and then is discharged, there is little temperature difference in the same material layer.
         ◇ Good quality of Pellets. Pellets contact with the cool air which enters from the bottom shall be cooled down. The air is heated
             slowly while rising, and when it arrives on the top, it touches hot air heated beforehand, i.e. the temperature difference between
             all pellets layers and the air coolant decreases lest, avoiding such damages as cracks and cracking caused by shock cooling,
             which improves the quality of finished pellets.
         ◇ No condensation or dew. In the counter-flow cooler, because the air is heated intensively and the air temperature is kept over
             the moistening point in the cooling procedure, the dew won’t appear. 

  • ◆ Low energy consumption.
    ◆ High cooling efficiency and capacity.
    ◆ Uniform cooling.
    ◆ Low damage rate during cooling process.
    ◆ No condensation or dew.
    ◆ Temperature of cooled pellets is not higher than room temperature 3-5℃.
    ◆ CE approved by SGS.

  • Model Main Power (kw) Cooling Volume (m3) Capacity (t/h) Power of air-blower (kw) Dia. Cyclone (mm)
    HS-C1.5 0.75+0.55 1.5 1-1.5 5.5 800
    HS-C3 0.75+0.55 3 1.5-3 5.5 1000
    HS-C4 1.1+0.75 4 3-5 7.5 1000
    HS-C6 1.5+1.1 6 5-12 15 1200
    HS-C8 1.5+1.5 8 12-16 22 1500